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[Article: Wiki-eCS-OS/2-USB-Boot-en--PRM-LVM-case-USBMSD-Patch | Discussion ]
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Detail: Case Boot from PRM LVM System: Case USBMSD Patch

Status: 2007-08-12 17.30 Rainer

Robert Lalla does a first quick try for patching the current USBMSD.ADD 10.162

I will document the patch and the test results.

0. Patch - first quick try - Author: Robert Lalla

   [C:\OS2\BOOT]type usbpatch.txt
   FILE usbmsd.add
   VER 7EEA 01
   CHA 7EEA 02

1. Apply the patch

   1. copy y:\os2\boot\usbmsd.add y:\

   2. y:
      cd \os2\boot
      patch usbpatch.txt /A
   3. comp y:\os2\boot\usbmsd.add y:\

2. Modify the config.sys for the test:


3. Run Test 1: Boot mini maintenance system y: from HDD with USB-Cardreader and CF-Card attached

4. Run Test 2: Boot mini system C: from PRM CF-Card

Test 1: results

Test 2: results - Boot mini system C: from PRM CF-Card

 The bootstrap is working via I13 / I13X  and loading the driver in real mode.
 After switching to protected mode the following message occurs 
 and the system is stopped
   "OS/2 is unable to operate your hard disk or diskette drive"

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