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[Article: Wiki-eCS-OS/2-USB-Boot-en--Chapter Hardware Test Environment | Discussion ]
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     "Howto Boot OS/2 - eCS from USB Mass Storage Devices ( MSD )" 

SubWiki: Chapter 6.1: Hardware Test Environment


[Edit]1 Introduction to the SubWiki Chapter 6.1: Hardware Test Environment

 IBM ThinkPad T23 
    UltraBay 2nd HDD Adapter
    CF-to-IDE  Adapter
 USB CF Card Reader One Slot (USB 1,1 ) well the T23 does have only USB 1.1 ports
 CF Cards 64 MB , 126 MB, 1 GB  

The stuff with the CF-to-IDE Adapter in the UltraBay is test environment!

  1. You see more info about your MSD Hardware by using DANIS506 and DiskINFO.

  2. You can verify the OS/2 Configuration. 
     Does it boot via CF-to-IDE adapter and boot manager.
     okay, no error 
     lets do the next step and test it with booting
      via USB Card Reader,
          USB BIOS support of the computer and
          USBMSB I13 support.

[Edit]2 IBM Thinkpad T23

IBM ThinkPad T23 Model 2647-9LG

Original description: PIII-M 1.13GHz (512KB), 128MB RAM, 48.0GB HDD,
14.1 SXGA+(1400x1050) TFT LCD, 8x-3.3x DVD, 802.11b wireless, Modem,
Ethernet, IBM Secure Chip, TV out, Li-Ion battery, Win2000

IBM Announcement Letter No. ZG01-0385 dated July 31, 2001 (
Title "IBM ThinkPad T23 Notebook Computers Deliver Great Performance and Portability"

Configuration upgraded:

Add 512 MB RAM, now system RAM = 640 MB and change the HDD to a 160 GB model

[Edit]2.1 PCI Test Output of the T23 without Dock II

  Please see SubWiki: T23 without Dock II - PCI Test Output 

[Edit]2.2 PCI Test Output of the T23 with Dock II

[Edit]2.3 PCI Test Output of the T23 with Dock II and DC-150 RAID Controller

  Please see SubWiki: T23 with Dock II and DC-150 RAID Controller - PCI Test Output 

[Edit]3 USB CF Card Reader One Slot


Bild: USB-Boot-USB-Card-Reader-and-64MB-CF-Card.png

[Edit]4 ThinkPad Ultra Bay 2nd HDD Adapter with CF-to-IDE Adapter


Bild: USB-Boot-CF-64-to-IDE.png


Bild: USB-Boot-CF-128-to-IDE.png


Bild: USB-Boot-CF-1-GB-to-IDE-A-DATA


Bild: USB-Boot-1-GB-to-IDE-DANE-ELEC

[Edit]5 ThinkPad Dock II with eSATA / SATA Controller in PCI Slot of the Dock II

The following PCI SATA Controller with external SATA / eSATA Port are tested:

[Edit]5.1 DC-150 RAID from Dawicontrol GmbH

DC-150 RAID - Serial ATA RAID Controller for SATA devices
   * Unterstützt RAID 1, 0 und Backup
   * Zwei unabhängige Serial ATA Kanäle
   * Ein Kanal wahlweise extern nutzbar
   * 150 MByte/s Datentransferrate

    Product Details (PDF) from Dawicontrol  (  
 Chipset: SIL3512
 The controller BIOS is flashed to the latest non Raid "Base" BIOS
     SiI3512 Version 4.3.84 2007-11-26 from Silicon Image Support  

[Edit]5.1.1 Howto flash a DC-150 Raid Card in a ThinkPad Dock II PCI slot from factory to latest Firmware
    Please see SubWiki: Howto flash a DC-150 Raid Card in a ThinkPad Dock II PCI slot from factory to latest Firmware 

[Edit]5.2 SATA300 TX4302 from Promise

   Chipname:            PDC40718 
   W2K driver Version: 2006-03-13

[Edit]5.3 PCI -> Serial ATA RAID controller 2 int. / 2 ext. ports von Vivanco¶mId=&productId=5577&clickPathName=Productdetail%20view

   Chipset: SIL3112

[Edit]6 CF to SATA Adapter



First Test results: 

CF card --> CF to SATA converter --> SATA controller DAWI control
DC-150 RAID in Thinkpad Dock II pci extension slot --> Thinkpad T23

work with boot from CF Card

   1. without Bootmanager

      CF Card is the only active HDD device in BIOS Startup sequence
      and the primary partition is set active in the partition table

   2. with Bootmanager on the primary HDD of the T23
      and LVM Info of the CF partition with Bootmanager Flag
      and bootable

[Edit]7 external Boxes with PATA / SATA HDD and USB, Firewire and eSATA Interface

[Edit]7.1 KC31-CS from Mapower Electronics

 Bridge Chipset  JMicron JM20316   Model No.
                         JM20336   Model No.
   * eSATA 1port
   * USB 2.0 High Speed (USB 1.1 compatible) 1 port 

Product info:

HDD in enclosure: Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 Model HDS721075KLA330 750GB SATA II


SATA HDD connected by the SATA eSATA bridge (JMircon JM20316 or JM20336) are not detected as device by the SIL3512 BIOS (DC-150 RAID Controller) at startup and the DANIS506.add drive does not see the device.

The SATA HDD directly connected to the controller is detected by the controller BIOS and the DANIS506 sees the device.

Test with W2K and the SIL Windows driver: The driver does not recognise the device too!

Hint I found at the Macpower side about enclosures with the JMicron Chip set:

System Requirements (PC)

   * eSATA Plug and Play support required for host card driver

Info form the File Chiplist.txt of the DANIS506 1.8.1 package

 0x1095 Silicon Image
     0x3112 SiI 3112   Hotplug: yes 
     0x3512 SiI 3512	Hotplug: ? 

Tests ( to do): 1. KC31-CS Box and  SIL3112 controller (Vivanco ) 
                2.             and  Promise controller 
Test result with Controller  ULTRON US-200 PCMCIA SATA Adapter (Chipset: Sil3112 ) and latest W2K Sil drive
 The device is not detected by the W2K driver!

The KC31-CS connected via USB port at the T23 works!!

[Edit]7.2 Pleiades Super S-Combo from Macpower

 Bridge Chipset 	Oxford 924DSb Model No.: PD-SAFBAU2OS 
                       Oxford 934DSb Model No.: PD-SAFBA4U2OS 


   * eSATA 1port
   * FireWire 800 (1394b) 2 ports
   * FireWire 400 (1394a) 1 port
   * USB 2.0 High Speed (USB 1.1 compatible) 1 port 

Product info:

Where to Buy - Europe: MAG The World of Computer Accessories

[Edit]8 eSATA to USB Adapter

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