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[Article: Howto Install Video Support on the ASUS EeePC running OS/2 - eCS - Wiki | Discussion ]
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[Edit]1 Howto Install Video Support on the ASUS EeePC running OS/2 - eCS

[Edit]1.1 Video support by the SNAP drivers

please see the last Chapter of

Howto Install a eCS System on the ASUS EeePC internal HDD with Deletion of the Preinstalled System - Wiki 

[Edit]1.2 Video support by the Panorama Drivers

                         Installing Video on the EeePC
             (Thanks to Eugene Gorbunoff for his help with this !)

If you currently have your EeePC with only VGA video download Panorama.exe from the eComStation BetaZone at

Note DOT NL not DOT COM. If you don't have an DOT NL enabled account, login to the normal Betazone at DOT COM and then type in in the URL field of your browser.

Also download (or later) from the betazone and the latest panorama-visa zipped package.

   The tests has been done with a pre-release version 0.71.
   The final version will be GA soon and uploaded to the betazone  
   Status 2007-02-11 Ed/Rainer 

Unpack and move the intlbios.sys into \os2\boot on your boot device (SD card, USB key or internal SSD partition).

add the following line into config.sys

   BASEDEV=INTLBIOS.SYS /0800  (note that is zero, eight, zero, zero - do not drop the first zero).

If you are, as I was, running eCS on the EeePC in VGA mode, run the panorama.exe that you downloaded and it will create a subdirectory called PANORAMA and load its installation files into it. From the command prompt go into this directory and run the SETUP.CMD as follows:

 First of ll set the system language wit command:
 SET LANG=en_US (or as appropriate for your country)

 Now install the driver:

 (assuming you ran panorama.exe from the boot directory of your boot drive and that is D:).

When the install finishes close down and restart the EeePC and it will return in 800 x 480 x 16 million colours mode !

 If you are already running eCS on the EeePC in Gengradd mode or if the

latest panorama-visa zipped package is newer than the panorama.exe that you downloaded, unzip the latest panorama-vesa package into a temporary directory and then move the revised files into into the directories as follows:

 VBE2GRADD.DLL          to \OS2\DLL
 PANOGREX.DLL           to \OS2\DLL
 GRADD.SYS              to \OS2

 (select "replace file" when asked by the copy action).

 Run REG.CMD from the \WPSSETUP directory.

 Add the following lines to config.sys (or modify the existing ones if present):

 Reboot the EeePC to use the new versions of the files.

I suggest to use the zipped package rather than the warpin package due to the warpin package having some issues not finding directories or the correct drive when booted off the SD Card. If you are installing these video drivers to eCS installed on a partition on the internal SSD drive you may be able to use the wpi package instead of the zip.

After the reboot enable [x] Shadow buffer in the screen parameter setting in

   System setup ->  Screen -> Capabilities button -> [X] Shadow buffer.
   Reboot again to activate.

Currently you can find the pictures currently at

The pictures will be uploaded to the Wiki soon - Rainer




Status: Australia 2008-02-08 20:41 CET

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